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Real Life

       In whatever stage of life you find yourself— welcoming a newborn, raising toddlers and school-age kids, or celebrating your graduate or grandchildren— I’d love to help you tell the story of your present. Your daily life. Your now.




>> welcome guide + questionnaire <<

>> in-person consultation <<

>> 2+ hours documentary photography <<

>> slideshow highlight reel <<

>> 100+ edited images for download <<

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A Year in Photos

Document your family over a 12 month period with 4 sessions throughout the year.

>> seasonal <<


>> first journey around the sun <<

[maternity/newborn/6 months/first birthday]



>>  Four (4) sessions (each 1.5hrs long) <<

>> welcome guide + questionnaire <<

>> in-person consultation <<

>> slideshow highlight reel <<

>> 50+ images per session for download <<

>> private viewing gallery <<

>> one-stop shop for prints, frames, albums << 

*Payment plan options available

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Why take photos at home?

Houses hold us in beautiful ways

They create the backdrop of our memories, the safe space where we retreat from the world, and the gathering place for the ones we love. They shape our experience of home and our understanding of belonging.


Home is where your children own their space

That means they get to invite me in on their terms, in their time, and in their way. If I’m going to ask them to let me in and see them— really see them— then I need to earn their trust. That’s why I love to sit on the floor and learn all about their favorite toys, books, you name it, even before I take my camera out.

I’m in. All in. It takes time, but it’s so worth it!

Because the magic begins when your little ones want to show me their world and tell me their stories. 

This might be the most stress-free family photography you’ve ever experienced 

When you see your children engaging with me, all the normal performance-related anxiety flies out the window. There’s no bribing them to sit still and there are no cheesy camera faces. As soon as your kids feel comfortable, they’ll offer those gorgeous, genuine smiles, hugs, and interactions that you adore, and I want to capture!

So grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, relax, and settle into being present in the world you’ve created together.