Motherhood is no joke

the continuous flow of humbling, beautiful, exhausting, and meaningful moments changes you

I used to travel the world working with vulnerable children, but now I get to raise two boys with that wonderful man, right up there. Since our boys were born, we’ve moved to a 5 acre property with a dear old house, bought a roof top tent and camped in it, road tripped cross-country, and spent lots of time in the mountains and at the beach. We got two pups, Raven and Scout, who completed our pack. Raven recently passed away unexpectedly, and I can’t bring myself to take her photo down. I will forever be grateful for our time with her and the images that document her life.

Taking photos of the ordinary has become a way for me to honor our story and support the boys’ memory.

I want my boys to walk into adulthood with a confident, centered sense of self. Documenting life with them as it happens— natural, not posed, unscripted— is just one way I get to enhance their connection with themselves. I want them to remember the quiet moments and the crazy, the softness and the tears, their favorite books and their funny fashion choices. Because it’s all woven into the people they are becoming.

As a “real life” family photographer, I want to do the same for you.


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I'm looking for raw, real moments

that happen when you are open and engaged

These types of moments unfold effortlessly when you trust me to see beauty in your story.

There is absolutely no judgment. This is about real life complete with messy kitchens and meltdowns. The beautiful thing is - it’s your life. The one you’ve created. The one your kids will talk about with fondness when they’re grown. It’s their childhood, their safe place, their home. It’s sacred space.  







If my work resonates with you

If you feel like the stars are aligning

And if you like the idea of seeing your life reflected back to you in images full of emotion, connection, and shimmery goodness, I’d love to talk more!


This could be the start of something wonderful!