This is about real life in all its messy, magnificent beauty!


I love the in-between moments


the ones that so often go unnoticed

It’s the ordinary, mundane, repetitive motions that cultivate trust, strengthen connection, and lay the foundations for our life stories.

Daily life is made up of these moments and it’s my joy to document them.


This is not your typical family photography

I photograph real life

Your home doesn’t need to be spotless, you can let the kids wear whatever they feel most comfortable in, and tantrums might just be part of the story. If your little ones have mismatched shoes, a giant picture of Thomas the Tank Engine on their shirt, or a million barrettes in their hair… even better!

Because these are the things that perfectly define their personality, style, and uniqueness in whatever stage they’re in.



Click on the galleries below to see how these real life sessions unfolded.


this is life work, legacy


hard times woven through good, tears mixed with laughter, rough edges, beautiful souls, and all the simple things that make up home

We all need chances to get dressed up and show our best selves to the world. But for you, Mama, amidst the sleepless nights, toddler meltdowns, and kids who won’t eat a thing you make for them, you’re building a legacy.

However you’re choosing to do this life, let’s document it. This stuff matters.



I create photographs that evoke emotion, capture connection, and offer a true reflection of real life for gorgeous families like yours.


Photo credit: This Is Now Photography

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kind words 

Georgina’s openness and warm spirit made it feel like we spent the day with an old friend as she captured all the details that make up the love of our family. Her keen sensitivity to our connection with one another allowed her to create the most beautiful, honest, meaningful images of us. We could all feel her genuine care for our family story, and you can’t help but feel loved and seen when around her. She gave us an invaluable gift for which we will forever be grateful. She and her photography are gold.
— Abbi
Georgina has photographed our growing family for 6 years. Her genuine warmth and kindness puts even the shyest person at ease. She effortlessly captures my family’s smiles, snuggles, and the little moments of daily life that change so quickly. I’m so thankful for the gift of these sweet memories.
— Erin
We loved our family session so much! We wanted photos of the moments that happen in our everyday life that we can’t get on our own. And that’s what makes Georgina’s photography special. We were able to document our family’s raw happiness doing the things we love together. She caught the cuddle after a tough moment, my daughter’s victorious expression after she climbed a rock, and all the beautiful reality of our interactions as they happened!
— Ashley

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